Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Newburgh School District Thanks Local Police for Support

As part of National Police and Security Monitor Week, the Newburgh Enlarged City School District highlighted and celebrated the relationships they have developed with local law enforcement agencies to supplement the professionalism and efforts of the District’s own security team.

In addition to the dedicated work that the school security monitors do on a daily basis, local law enforcement departments regularly support the District. Local police help provide a safe learning environment by providing guidance, reviewing school safety and security plans, overseeing site assessments, providing the DARE Program (Drug Assistance Resistance Education), and much more. The District relies on the expertise of the police during times that they are needed to react to potential harm.

New Windsor Police Chief Robert Doss explained that the Town is the home to four schools which are part of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. The New Windsor Police Department collaborates on a daily basis with the District to ensure the safety and welfare of the children within the schools as well as on the school buses traveling through the town.

“I would hope that our collaboration together certainly contributes to the welfare and the learning that goes on in the buildings every day,” Chief Doss stated. “I think a fundamental part of education is knowing that the buildings are safe, that the students and staff are safe, and that’s a top priority certainly here in the Town of New Windsor.”

Chief Doss has personally been heavily involved in the safety of the school district for over 20 years. “We look forward to continuing that in the future,” he continued.

Town of Newburgh Police Lieutenant Adam Zeilberger declared, “The Town of Newburgh is committed to the safety and security of the students and staff within the four District buildings within our Town.” He explained that his department collaborates with the District on a weekly basis to ensure the safety and security inside and outside of the schools.

City of Newburgh Police Commissioner Jose Gomerez discussed that the City of Newburgh and the City of Newburgh Police Department collaborate with the District to provide internal and external building security and a safe environment for all students. He said, “I hope that our collaboration with the schools will allow us to add values to the human principles of all students.”

Orange County Undersheriff Ken Jones observed, “When schools are safe, communities are safe.” He explained that good schools are the bedrock of any community to succeed economically or socially. He added that the police presence in the schools “creates a safe and secure learning environment, and the better chances the students will excel later in life.”

Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler said his office collaborates with the District on a weekly basis to promote the safety and welfare of the students inside and outside of the building. He noted, “We hope that this collaboration between the City of Newburgh Schools and the D.A.’s Office makes sure that their scholar students receive the best education possible in the safest manner possible.”

New York State Police Captain Peter Cirigliano, the Zone 2 Commander, noted that his agency collaborates with the City of Newburgh every week to provide any assistance possible. The State Police also works daily with their local partners in law enforcement on a daily basis to help promote school safety.

In addition to law enforcement helping to keep the schools safe, the District provides its own security forces as well. Matthew Tindall, Director of Safety and Security of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District, ensures proper staffing of security in the building on a daily basis. He pointed out they are constantly looking for updated training, professional development, and updates to security standards.

“Our hopes and dreams are in partner with of course the law enforcement,” Tindall said. His intentions are to keep the “strong relationships we developed over the past year” with law enforcement and to introduce new programming to provide the safest environment possible.

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