Monday, September 25, 2023

Two Vehicle Accidents and Fully Engulfed Truck Fire in Cronomer Valley

First responders in the Town of Newburgh had their hands full around noontime today with a car versus motorcycle accident, a rollover accident, and a fully engulfed truck fire.

Just before noontime today, the Town of Newburgh Police Department, Town of Newburgh EMS, and the Cronomer Valley Fire Department were dispatched to a car versus motorcycle accident on Route 300 near the intersection of Route 32. Orange County 911 placed Hackensack Air medevac on standby for possible serious injuries. Ten minutes into the accident, EMS was able to treat the patient themselves and cancelled the medevac.

While units were operating at this accident, the Town of Newburgh Police, Cronomer Valley Fire Department, Plattekill Fire Department, and emergency medical services were dispatched to a car that rolled over on Forest Road off Route 300. The sole occupant of the vehicle was able to crawl out. It is unknown if there were any injuries.

Just after noontime, as both fire departments were wrapping up from the rollover, they were dispatched to a truck on fire on Tulip Lane near Union Avenue in Gardnertown. The Town of Newburgh Police received multiple phone calls and officers first arriving on the scene confirmed a fully engulfed fire. Firefighters are currently on the scene fighting the fire.

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