Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Developers Propose New Establishment at Vail’s Gate Five Corners

Developers are proposing to build a new commercial building at the intersection of the Vail’s Gate Five Corners. One of the main attractions could be a “beer garden inn.”

A public hearing to discuss the proposed project to be built at 420 and 422 Windsor Highway, which includes the old Hess gas station and the former Domino’s Pizza building next door.

The Newburgh News reached out to Day Stokosa Engineering, the engineering firm representing the property owner, for information about the proposed project which is the subject of the public hearing. Representative Jennifer Maraday declined to provide any information.

Instead, The Newburgh News obtained public records detailing the proposed project.

The project would include demolishing the existing remnants of the gas station as well as two buildings next door. They would be replaced with a 5,600 square foot “multi-tenant, retail, mixed use” building.

The project proposes having an entrance coming off Windsor Highway to access the commercial building. It would include 15 parking spots in the rear of the property on the Temple Hill Road side.

The proposal also includes creating pedestrian crosswalks and rebuilding sidewalks and curbs along the property’s frontage. They would also increase exterior lighting throughout the property.

Brian Watts, a representative from Day Stokosa Engineering, told town officials that a beer garden inn and other retail establishments are proposed to occupy the property.

The public hearing will be held during an upcoming New Windsor Planning Board meeting on March 22, 2023 at 7:00pm.

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