Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Temple Hill Summer Students Create Solar Ovens

Summer school students at Temple Hill School in the Newburgh Enlarged City School District have been learning about various forms of energy and recently learned how to create makeshift solar ovens.

Students in Sabrina Dolfinger’s Extended School Year Program class at Temple Hill, along with fellow teachers Marsetta Shirley, Lori Mulick, and Joanne Ponte, inquired into the various forms of energy. The focus of the learning was on solar energy.

Teachers posted the question to students: How can solar energy be used to cook? It was part of a curriculum plan to teach the various forms of energy, how energy moves, and how energy changes form.

Students began the project by researching solar oven designs. Next, they sketched and brainstormed their ideas and solutions. The students then planned and created their ovens. The last step was to test the solar ovens.

Teachers and students made chocolate chip cookies, Smores, and hot dogs. The project results were reported to be delicious.

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