Thursday, January 26, 2023

VIDEO: Goldbacks Given Emergency Escort While Leaving for State Championship

This gave a whole new meaning to the community coming out to support their local high school.

The community woke up early this morning to send off the Newburgh Free Academy Goldbacks in style. The Varsity football team boarded a coach bus destined for Syracuse to compete in this afternoon’s big game for the state championship title.

Families, friends, and community supporters lined the streets to cheer on the young athletes and root for the Newburgh Goldbacks as the team ventured through the City of Newburgh en route to the interstate.

First responders woke up early this Sunday morning to show their support for the local athletes who worked hard to earn rights to compete in the championship.

The City of Newburgh, Cronomer Valley, Good-Will, Orange Lake, and Winona Lake Fire Departments all made lots of noise with sirens and air horns blowing while escorting the Goldbacks’ bus to through the city. Also in the convoy were two ambulances from the Town of Newburgh Emergency Medical Services, as well as the City of Newburgh and Town of Newburgh Police Departments.

Traffic was stopped at all the intersections as the parade of emergency vehicles cautiously proceeded through red traffic lights while escorting the Goldbacks along Fullerton Avenue and up Broadway to the highway.

The Goldbacks will face Bennett/Olmstead/Middle Early College from the Buffalo area for the state title at 3:00pm today. The game will be played under the dome at Syracuse University.

A video of the parade, courtesy of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District, is below:

A parade honors the NFA Goldbacks while leaving early this morning for the state championships. (Video courtesy of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District)

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