Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Vail’s Gate Firefighters, Assisted by City of Newburgh, Save House in New Windsor

The Vail’s Gate Fire Department saved a house from potentially burning down in the Town of New Windsor yesterday.

At approximately 9:23 am on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, alert officers from the New Windsor Police Department reported a basement fire at 309 Butternut Drive, located in Butterhill Estates across from the old Upskate Plaza. The Vail’s Gate Fire Department was dispatched and the incident commander called for a second alarm.

According to the Vail’s Gate Fire Department, a total of 21 volunteer firefighters were able to respond despite the fire occurring during the middle of a work day.

The City of Newburgh Fire Department was called to the scene with a pumper when the second alarm was transmitted. Due to severe under-staffing problems, their agency was only able to provide two interior firefighters plus their apparatus operator.

The paid City of Newburgh Fire Department only has seven members on duty to protect the entire city at any given time. In comparison, Vail’s Gate provided triple that manpower for just one incident.

Due to the quick response and proper levels of manpower, firefighters were able to save the house from burning down. The fire was contained to the laundry room.

Firefighters credited the homeowner for closing the laundry room door prior to leaving the house in the morning. They also credited the homeowner for having working smoke detectors, which led to a quick response from police. All of this, firefighters say, limited the damage to the home and personal belongings.

The Washingtonville Fire Department was called to the scene with a FAST Team to standby outside in case any firefighters became trapped or injured inside. New Windsor EMS also responded to the scene in case anyone was injured.

Orange County Fire Investigators responded to the scene and are working on determining the cause.

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