Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Safe Harbors of Newburgh Receives State Grant for New Project

Safe Harbors of the Hudson, Inc., based out of the City of Newburgh, received $50,000 in state grants, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced yesterday.

The funding is part of $42 million awarded to multiple organizations courtesy of the New York State Council on the Arts. The purpose of the statewide grants is to invest in arts and cultural organizations to support crucial renovations and improvements.

The purpose of the grant for Safe Harbors is to initiate a project for new lighting and a new sound system.

“Strengthening our creative sector increases tourism, boosts our economy, and enhances the rich heritage and cultural life of New York State,” Hochul said.

A total of $42,332,000 was awarded to 144 small and medium size projects, with 57 percent of those grants provided to organizations with annual budgets of $1 million or less. Project decisions prioritized accessibility, artistry, cultural development, sustainability, health and safety, and structural and historical improvements.

Safe Harbors offers farmers’ markets, live music and entertainment, the Ritz Kidz Circus, community cleanups, outdoor movies during the summertime, and much more. On May 21, 2023, they will hold a 5K race off Broadway. The event will feature refreshments, raffles, awards, prizes, and vendors. Online registration can be completed here.

Safe Harbors is a non-profit organization that focuses on redeveloping housing and arts. It purchased the old, drug-infested Hotel Newburgh over two decades ago and transformed it into a safe, supportive, and better designed permanent housing for 128 residents. Among those living there are veterans, people with physical disabilities or mental health diagnoses, formerly homeless people, artists in need of affordable space to live and work, and working class people with low incomes.

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