Tuesday, November 28, 2023

VIDEO & 911 RADIO CALLS: Tornado in Sullivan County Leaves Trail of Destruction, Traps Residents in House

A tornado associated with a line of severe thunderstorms left residents trapped in a home as it left a trail of destruction in Sullivan County, NY yesterday. The Emergency Alert System had been activated over televisions, radio stations, and smartphones announcing the possible tornado. SEE A FULL VIDEO AND HEAR RADIO CALLS FROM THE 911 CENTER BELOW.

Crews from the National Weather Service’s office in Binghamton (NWS Binghamton) are on site in Jeffersonville, Callicoon Center, and Roscoe today to survey the damage. Moments ago, they confirmed that the damage was indeed from a tornado. The exact strength of the tornado and specific details will be forthcoming tonight. “A final assessment, including results of the survey, are expected to be completed and transmitted” later tonight, a representative from NWS Binghamton stated.

The main storm began near Lackawaxen (Pike County), Pennsylvania during the late afternoon on Saturday, April 22, 2023. The storm then traveled through Sullivan County and passed through Roscoe before moving into southeastern Delaware County.

At 6:10pm, NWS Binghamton activated the Emergency Alert System while issuing a Tornado Warning for southwestern Sullivan County. The warning explained that radar indicated rotation within the storm and a tornado was possible at any given time. It also warned of 1″ hail.

Those in the path of the possible tornado were urged to move to a basement or interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. “Take cover now!” the warning exclaimed.

Meteorologists correctly warned that the tornadic thunderstorm was moving toward Narrowsburg, White Lake, Bethel, and Jeffersonville.

At 6:19pm, NWS Binghamton reissued the Tornado Warning and reactivated the Emergency Alert System with a critical update. They warned that an additional thunderstorm popped up and was also showing rotation on radar.

“Damage to roofs, windows, and vehicles will occur. Tree damage is likely,” the emergency alert warned.

Soon after, numerous fire departments began getting called out for major structural damage at multiple homes throughout the area. Fire departments were initially unable to reach many of the damaged structures because roads were blocked with trees and electrical lines. In some instances, firefighters had to cut through the trees blocking roads so they could reach homes that were damaged.

At 6:47pm, Sullivan County 911 reported damage to a house with occupants trapped approximately two miles northeast of Callicoon. One of the trapped occupants reported witnessing a tornado. Roofs were shredded off homes and barns. The debris was thrown hundreds of feet away. There were also reports of numerous trees down across town.

In nearby Roscoe, multiple trees fell on the New York State Police barracks on Old Route 17, according to radio reports from Sullivan County 911. There were also additional reports of a tree on a house. There were widespread reports of trees and electrical wires down across town.

In Jeffersonville, golf ball sized hail measuring 1.75″ was reported. Winds toppled multiple trees across town and snapped utility poles in half.

It has not yet been announced if anybody was injured. Check back for further updates and results of NWS Binghamton’s survey once it is completed.

911 audio feed and footage of the tornado damage.

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