Tuesday, June 6, 2023

GAMS Second Graders Perform Show for Families

Second grade students at the Gidney Avenue Memorial School, part of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District, presented their “Character Matters” show in front of family members and friends last week.

The play was a culmination of a reading unit about animal stories. During that unit, the second graders learned about the elements that develop a good story, characters, setting, and plot. The students learned that a good plot features a problem for the main character and a solution to the problem.

The second graders spent considerable time creating stories featuring animal characters with problems to solve. 

Families were invited to attend the showcase in which the students displayed their “Animal Stories” Unit work as well as their finished product on Book Creator. Then, the students presented their play, “Character Matters.” The play is based on classic fairy tales and tells a story of how the fairy tale characters should act in certain situations.  The songs had tools that helped the characters solve their problems, including counting to ten, taking a breath, and walking away. 

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