Friday, June 2, 2023

Fifth Graders Plant Trees in City of Newburgh

Fifth grade students from Gidney Avenue Memorial School joined members of the Newburgh Jewish Community Center in planting trees in the City of Newburgh last week.

The tree planting project took place after months of planning by the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. A total of five new trees were planted along North Street at the Gidney Avenue Memorial School, which is a neighbor to the Jewish Community Center.

Professional landscapers from L. Warren Maintenance and Landscaping dug the holes and began planting the trees. The students helped by replacing the soil and grass around the newly planted trees. Some of the students named the trees.

Orange County Department of Health officials happened to be passing by and stopped to applaud the efforts made to plant new trees throughout the community.

Gidney Avenue students will take on the maintenance tasks this spring as the trees begin growing.

The Newburgh Enlarged City School District wished to thank all the partners and donors for helping make the project successful.

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