Monday, March 27, 2023

Fostertown Students Present ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Fostertown Elementary School students participating in the Fostertown Footlights program recently presented The Wizard of Oz during a series of performances in front of their families and friends.

In addition to acting out roles in the musical, students had opportunities to learn about and participate in the behind-the-scenes creation of the Broadway musical. Their end product was acted out live in front of auditorium audiences during four shows spanning over three days.

Fostertown School’s cast of The Wizard of Oz waves to the crowd during the curtain call following one of four performances.

Fostertown teacher Amy Kosturik directed the musical while also overseeing costuming, sets and props, and the playbill. Teacher Jessica Lawrence served as the musical director. Teachers Lauren Lubarsky and Jessica Villa managed backstage while Tara Strack and Kara Carrion managed the front.

Students took turns in the starring roles during each scene.

The starring role of Dorothy was acted out by Aura Salamanca in Scene One. It was split between Christina Murolo and Millet Ruiz in Scene Two. Olivia MacGregor played Dorothy in Scene Three, followed by Victoria Park in Scene Four.

Even Toto, Dorothy’s well-known pooch, co-starred in the show. Natalia Romero played the role in Scene One; Owen Wade in Scene Two; Elani Prokop in Scene Three; and Rosalee Rabassa in Scene Four.

See the complete Playbill below:

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