Monday, March 27, 2023

D.A. Releases Major Update into Newburgh Paramedic who was Struck, Killed

The driver of the pickup truck that struck and killed Ambulnz Paramedic Lisa Sillins in December has been cleared of all criminal charges and his traffic tickets have been dismissed.

Pablo Colector, age 45 of White Plains, was driving a vehicle on Robinson Avenue in the City of Newburgh when he struck Sillins, age 58, as she was crossing the road at the end of her shift.

Colector was charged with Driving While Intoxicated following the accident. Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler said that Colector immediately stopped his vehicle, cooperated with police, and consented to have a blood sample drawn for analysis.

The toxicology reports (shown below) showed that Colector had not consumed any alcohol, legal drugs, or illegal drugs, which would have affected his ability to drive, Hoovler explained.

The City of Newburgh Police Department further investigated the collision. Officers recovered digital recordings from various angles. Hoovler noted that the recordings revealed that Colector was not speeding, was not driving faster than any other traffic, and properly stayed in his lane of traffic. The weather conditions were dark and raining, Hoovler continued.

Hoovler said Sillins was wearing dark clothing while the weather conditions were dark and rainy. Sillins was not walking in a crosswalk and stopped in front of Colector’s vehicle as it approached, the investigation determined.

All criminal charges and traffic tickets against Colector have been dismissed.

“As District Attorney it is my duty not just to prosecute the guilty, but to protect the innocent. The evidence in this case shows that this was a tragic accident, not a crime,” Hoovler said. “This was a tragic accident which claimed the life of someone who had devoted their life to helping others.”

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