Thursday, January 26, 2023

Ryan Secures $9M in Federal Funding for Town of Newburgh, Cornwall

U.S. Congressman Pat Ryan announced yesterday that he is delivering major federal funding to portions of Orange County to make crucial water infrastructure improvements.

Nearly $9 million has been secured for the Town of Newburgh, Town of Cornwall, and City of Middletown. The money will go toward replacing old and asbestos-filled pipes, as well as improving drainage systems to protect homes from storm water damage.

“Whether in a big city or a small town, every family in the Hudson Valley deserves access to clean water, air and soil,” Ryan said. “By modernizing our outdated infrastructure, we will ensure no young child in Newburgh or senior in Middletown ever has to worry about having clean water. I look forward to working with these municipalities to make sure they have the proper federal support for these crucial projects. “

Cornwall is earmarked to receive $1.65 million in funding toward the Hasbrouck Drainage Project. Cornwall Town Supervisor Josh Wojehowski said the money will save residents and Main Street business owners from flooding caused by extreme weather events. It will also help to improve the sidewalk system that leads downtown.

“We all know how expensive water and sewer infrastructure is to build, repair or replace, which is why it’s never been more important to have the support of the Federal Government to help make these projects possible,” Wojehowski explained.

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