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Newburgh, Cornwall Track Teams Soar at NYC Hispanic Games, Set Meet Record

Young athletes from the Newburgh Free Academy and Cornwall girls and boys track & field teams competed in the Armory Hispanic Games in New York City on Friday and Saturday. Both teams earned high rankings in their divisions with one new meet record set.

The Newburgh boys captured first place victories in the Varsity 4×400 Meter Relay, the Freshman 4×200 Meter Relay, the Freshman 4×400 Meter Relay, and the Freshman/Sophomore 4×800 Meter Relay.

Newburgh’s Brady Danyluk clinched a first place win in the sophomore boys’ one mile run, clocking in at 4:37.07.

Cornwall’s Karrie Baloga set a new meet record in the 3,000 meter division with a time of 9:25.64. Her time was six seconds faster than her personal best at the Penn Relays last year. In December, Baloga clinched first place in the national championships (story here).

Girls 3,000 Meter:
Karrie Baloga, a Cornwall senior, captured first place with a time of 9:25.64. Cornwall’s Sophia Semo, a sophomore, finished in 10th place with a time of 10:42.26.

Girls 4×200 Meter Relay (Varsity):
Cornwall’s “A” team secured an 8th place victory in the preliminaries with a time of 1:48.17. Cornwall’s “B” team finished in 22nd place at 1:54.45. Newburgh’s “A” Team came in 25th with a time of 1:55.38. Cornwall’s “C” team finished 44nd at 1:59.86.

Girls 4×200 Meter Relay (Sophomore):
Newburgh’s “A” Team finished in 10th place out of 19 teams with a time of 2:03.37. Newburgh’s “B” Team ranked 15th at 2:14.38.

Girls 4×200 Meter Relay (Freshman):
Newburgh’s “A” team came in ninth out of 21 schools, finishing with a time of 2:07.37.

Girls 4×200 Meter Relay (Novice):
Newburgh’s “B” team finished in 21st place out of 30 teams with a time of 2:12.69. Newburgh’s “A” team was disqualified due to a breakline violation.

Girls 4×400 Meter Relay (Freshman):
Newburgh’s “A” team clinched third place out of nine schools, earning a time of 5:06.25.

Girls 4×400 Meter Relay (Novice):
Newburgh’s “B” team secured a seventh place ranking with a time of 4:56.71. Their counterpart “A” team finished in ninth place with a time of 5:01.50.

Girls One Mile Run:
Cornwall’s Kerry Murphy, a junior, clinched fifth place with a time of 5:20.30. Teammate Frances Teague, also a junior, followed closely behind in 10th place at 5:26.02. Cornwall freshman Olivia Cibirka finished in 51st place at 5:55.04. Teammate Maris Potter, a junior, ranked 56th with a time of 5:58.57. Cornwall sophomore Aislin Kelly finished 95th at 6:21.35. Teammate Noemi Goitia, an eighth grader, came in 107th at 6:29.16. Cornwall’s Marisa Barnsby, a freshman, finished 130th at 6:50.27, followed by teammate Faith Caoili, also a freshman, at 6:51.44.

Girls 55 Meter Hurdles:
Cornwall junior Caigan Leonard secured a fifth place win in the preliminaries with a qualifying time of 8.88. In the finals, Leonard again captured fifth place with a time of 8.73.

Girls 55 Meter Dash (Varsity):
Leonard finished in 52nd place in the girls’ 55 meter dash seeded preliminaries at 7.89. Teammate Lilliana DeFelice finished 74th at 8.49. In the 55 meter dash unseeded #1 competition, Cornwall’s Shanel Harris captured 13th place at 8.19.

Girls 55 Meter Dash (Sophomore):
Rushika Latty led Newburgh with a 22nd place finish, earning a time of 8.23 seconds. Also for Newburgh, Crystal Beauford ranked 25th in 8.29 seconds. Teammate Kwarojuok Omot finished 43rd in 8.66 seconds, followed by Esther Celestin in 47th in 8.89 seconds, Damona Grant in 48th place at 8.91 seconds, Hayvin Fling in 49th place at 8.93 seconds, Chrishanae Smith in 56th place at 9.01 seconds, Gloria Aduloju in 64th place at 9.24 seconds, and Ilianna Galan in 71st place at 9.56 seconds.

Girls 55 Meter Dash (Novice):
Newburgh’s Annette Berry earned a 15th place win with a time of 8.07 seconds. Teammate Ava Forbes closely followed in 18th place at 8.14 seconds. Teammate Nyasia Jones ranked 24th in 8.43 seconds, followed by Elizabeth Celestin in 28th place at 8.56 seconds. All four young ladies are juniors.

Girls 55 Meter Dash (Freshman):
Aaliyah Brooks led Newburgh in the preliminaries with a 44th place finish in 9.06 seconds. Teammate La’maya Atkins followed in 52nd place in 9.34 seconds, along with teammate Ladaliah Burrell in 74th place at 10.74 seconds.

Girls 200 Meter Dash:
Newburgh sophomore Jaslene Chatham secured a 57th place ranking in the unseeded competition with a time of 28.74 seconds. Teammate Alyssa Worrell, a junior, finished 65th at 28.99 seconds.

Girls 400 Meter Dash:
In the unseeded division, Newburgh senior Denisha Cruz soared to a third place victory with a time of 1:03.01. Cornwall’s Lia Mellon, a junior, clinched 17th place with a time of 1:04.90. Teammate Catherine Schwartz finished 48th at 1:07.52. Newburgh sophomore Mary Jane Politi ranked 106th at 1:12.04. Teammate Gabrielle Robles, an eighth grader, followed in 111th place at 1:12.11. Cornwall’s Isabella Centeno finished in 144th place at 1:16.77.

In the seeded competition, Cornwall senior Emma Burich ranked 21st at 1:03.11, followed by Cornwall junior Kristina Garcia in 22nd place at 1:03.55.

Girls 800 Meter Run:
Newburgh sophomore Mary Jane Politi finished in 61th place with a time of 2:41.21. Newburgh’s Alexandra Swink, a junior, followed in 69th place at 2:42.37. Teammate Riley Geis, a senior, ranked 133rd at 3:07.51, followed by teammate Evangely Torres, an eighth grader, in 139th place with a time of 3:24.13.

Girls 1,500 Meter Run (Sophomore):
Mary Jane Politi led Newburgh with a 10th place win with a time of 5:31.61. Teammates Mia Davis followed in 24th place at 6:28.67 and Madison Foti in 25th place at 6:36.71.

Girls 1,500 Meter Run (Freshman):
Diosmari Rodriguez led Newburgh with a 22nd place finish with a time of 7:03.40.

Girls 1,500 Meter Run (Novice):
Newburgh senior Emily Giron secured a 20th place finish with a time of 6:03.46. Teammate Inez O’Shea, a senior, was closely behind in 21st place at 6:05.05. Also for Newburgh, senior Riley Geis finished 28th in 6:21.12.

Girls High Jump:
Cornwall’s Carson Villani finished in 15th place at 4-07.00.

Girls Pole Vault:
Cornwall’s Lilliana DeFelice finished 13th in the girls’ pole vault division at 9-00.00, followed by teammate Sadie Steiner in 18th place at 6-00.00.

Girls Long Jump (Varsity):
Cornwall sophomore Victoria Hinchcliff finished 14th at 15-01.00, followed by Cornwall junior Ninalyn Montero in 22nd place at 14-02.00 and Cornwall junior Samantha Miller in 29th place at 13-07.00.

Girls Long Jump (Sophomore):
Newburgh’s Victoria Frazier captured a fifth place win at 13-08.00.

Girls Shot Put (Varsity):
Junior Hannah Hill led Cornwall with a 50th place finish at 24-01.50. Teammate Dana Rene, a senior, followed in 54th place at 22-11.00.

Girls Shot Put (Sophomore):
Hayvin Fling led Newburgh with a 16th place win at 20-02.50. Teammate Milan Brooks followed closely behind in 17th place at 20-00.75. Also representing Newburgh were Iman Flavius in 20th place at 19-06.00, Naiyana Cruz Monroe in 21st place at 18-11.00, Samaya Lassic in 26th place at 17-06.00, and Emma Waite in 31st place at 16-01.75.

Girls Triple Jump:
Cornwall’s Emma Burich, a senior, captured 6th place at 34-02.55. Teammate Madison Riccardi, a freshman, finished in 10th place at 32-08.00.

Girls 1,500 Meter Run:
Cibirka captured 23rd place with a time of 5:34.00. Potter finished in 31st place at 5:38.56. Kelly ranked 63rd at 5:56.17, followed Goitia at 6:04.13. Caoili and Barnsby tied in 104th place at 6:27.85.

Boys 55 Meter Dash (Varsity):
Cornwall senior D’Antonio Lawrence finished in 18th place in the seeded competition with a time of 6.80 seconds. Newburgh’s Jonathan Darker, a senior, ranked 64th in 7.11 seconds.

Cornwall junior Ellis Urgent ranked 13th in the first unseeded competition with a time of 7.06 seconds. Teammate Nicholas Schewtschenko, a sophomore, followed in 26th place with a time of 7.20 seconds. In the second unseeded competition, sophomore Nicolas Ferdman-Olivo led Cornwall with a 44th place finish at 7.72 seconds. Teammate Kristian Greene finished 65th at 8.29 seconds.

Boys 55 Meter Dash (Freshman):
Newburgh’s Steven Thompson finished in 35th place in the preliminaries with a time of 7.41 seconds.

Boys 200 Meter Dash:
Junior Nakie Johnson led Newburgh with a 54th place finish in 24.18 seconds in the unseeded competition. Teammate Jonathan Darker, a senior, followed in 106th place at 24.89 seconds. Newburgh sophomore Steven Thompson ranked 185 in 26.13 seconds.

Boys 400 Meter Dash:
Cornwall junior Walesky Nowack clinched a second place victory in the unseeded competition with a time of 52.23 seconds. Newburgh freshman Kendy Georges finished in 34th place with a time of 54.72 seconds. Cornwall junior Maneel Bijur followed in 67th place at 56.14 seconds, with junior Ethan Cypress in 130th place at 58.37 seconds. Newburgh junior Collins Ifegwu-ufa finished in 191st place at 1:02.57. Cornwall freshman Justen Tolbert came in 201nd place at 1:03.75, Kristian Greene in 210th place at 1:04.71, and Ferdman-Olivo in 220nd place at 1:05.81.

Newburgh’s Quiston Leathers finished in 27th place in the seeded competition with a time of 53.67 seconds.

Boys 800 Meter Run (Varsity):
Newburgh senior Jordan Hidalgo finished in 31st place with a time of 2:08.03.

Boys One Mile Run (Varsity):
Chris Murray, a senior, led Cornwall with a 42nd place finish at 4:50.91. Cornwall junior Oliver Jang followed in 50th place at 4:53.25. Newburgh senior Jordan Hidalgo ranked 54th with a time of 4:55.64.

Cornwall’s Jack McCarthy, a senior, ranked 106th with a time of 5:07.67. Also representing Cornwall were Owen Wissner in 138th place at 5:15.79, John Marion in 140th place at 5:16.07, Jack Baloga in 157th place at 5:22.76, James England McGuirk in 205th place at 5:53.17, Daniel Cibirka in 207th place at 5:57.88, and Diyar Thabit in 208th place at 5:58.48.

Boys One Mile Run (Sophomore):
Newburgh’s Brady Danyluk clinched first place with a time of 4:37.07. Teammate Devin Batelic followed closely behind with a sixth place victory, clocking in at 4:49.16. Newburgh’s Joseph Gaito ranked 17th at 5:04.67. Also for Newburgh, Richard Rios finished 26th at 5:23.89, Jimmie Kimbrough finished 40th at 5:41.28, and Declan Welling finished 60th at 6:03.89.

Boys 55 Meter Hurdles (Varsity):
Cornwall freshman Ilunga Salerno secured a 15th place win with a time of 8.23 seconds. Newburgh junior Anthony Burnett followed in 22nd place in 8.39 seconds. His teammate, David Pinnock, also a junior, finished in 29th place in 8.68 seconds. Cornwall’s Carter Vallinino, a sophomore, ranked 47th at 9.28 seconds. Teammate Eli Schrem followed in 56th place at 9.78 seconds, along with Jovanny Aguilar in 65th place at 10.70 seconds, and Drew Miller in 71st place at 12.72 seconds.

Boys 4×200 Meter Relay (Varsity):
Cornwall’s Team “A” clinched a 9th place victory out of 72 teams ranked with a time of 1:33.84. Newburgh’s Team “A” followed in 12th place with a time of 1:34.51. Cornwall Team “B” finished in 48th place at 1:40.88.

Boys 4×200 Meter Relay (Freshman):
Newburgh’s Team “A” won first place with a time of 1:40.53 out of 23 teams competing. Their counterpart Team “B” captured a third place win with a time of 1:45.94.

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay (Varsity):
Newburgh’s Team “A” soared to a first place title with a final time of 3:26.63, competing against 25 teams. Newburgh’s Team “B” followed in 11th place with a time of 3:39.44.

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay (Freshman):
Newburgh’s Team “A” clinched first place with a time of 3:51.63 while competing against seven other teams. Their counterpart Team “B” earned third place with a time of 4:12.36.

Boys 4×800 Meter Relay (Freshman/Sophomore):
Newburgh’s Team “A” clinched first place with a time of 8:56.84. They competed against 21 other teams.

Boys Long Jump:
Cornwall junior Ellis Urgent captured 5th place at 20-02.75. Newburgh senior Bryce Buxton finished in 15th place at 19-05.00, closely followed by Cornwall’s D’Antonio Lawrence in 16th place at 19-04.00. Newburgh junior Jun Rivas finished in 30th place at 18-00.50, followed by teammate Nakie Johnson, also a junior, in 34th place at 17-08.50.

Boys High Jump:
Newburgh junior Jun Rivas finished in 12th place at 5-04.00.

Boys Triple Jump:
Senior Bryce Buxton led Newburgh with a 12th place victory at 39-06.75. Teammate Jun Rivas, a junior, followed in 15th place at 39-04.00. Cornwall freshman Ilunga Salerno finished in 18th place at 39-08.00. Newburgh junior Nakie Johnson ranked 37th at 35-03.75.

Boys Shot Put:
Senior Andrew Wingfield led Cornwall with a 55th place finish at 31-11.50. Teammate Mitchell Morell, a senior, ranked 73rd at 26-06.00. Ryan Kilgore, also a Cornwall senior, came in 76th at 25-01.50.

Boys Weight Throw:
Kilgore represented Cornwall with a 30th place finish at 23-09.50.

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