Thursday, January 26, 2023

Mt. St. Mary College Postpones Winter Semester Indefinitely

All classes at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh are postponed indefinitely due to a cybersecurity incident that occurred last month.

Before the holiday recess, college officials notified students and staff that a majority of their computer systems were intentionally taken offline after a security problem occurred within their computer network.

Following the start of the new year, the holiday break is being continued until further notice. College officials reported yesterday that all winter interim classes are postponed, with the exception of NUR-5215. Spring classes are expected to run as planned.

Students will not have access to find out their grades from the previous semester until the problem is resolved.

College officials discovered a cybersecurity incident impacting its network environment. They are currently working with a team of forensic experts to fully understand the extent and implications of this incident and to restore operations within a safe and remediated network environment.

As of yesterday, the college’s main servers remain inaccessible. There is still no timeline for a restoration of services.

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