Thursday, January 26, 2023

Skoufis Says Goodbye to Newburgh

New York State Senator James Skoufis is ending the year by saying goodbye to his former constituents in the City and Town of Newburgh.

Due to a change in the State Senate’s district lines, Skoufis will no longer cover Newburgh once the new year rings in. Skoufis previously served the 39th Senate District and will now cover the 42nd Senate District.

Skoufis will continue serving New Windsor, Cornwall, and beyond. Senator-elect Rob Rolison will begin covering Newburgh.

“After a long history of being neglected by state government, we knew the City of Newburgh deserved a strong voice and fair representation in Albany,” Skoufis explained. “That’s why we chose to bring our district office directly into the heart of the city – to be visible, accessible, and accountable to the folks who live here.”

Skoufis noted that City and Town of Newburgh elected officials worked hand-in-hand with him, along with New York State Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson. Together, Skoufis stated they accomplished the following:

• Secure millions in new funding for infrastructure for projects like the Lake Street/Route 32 bridge replacement

• Waive $12 million in penalties Newburgh schools were forced to pay the state for clerical errors

• Advance legislation to strengthen code enforcement following a Senate investigation

• Secure new state funds to offset SUNY Orange being off the city’s tax rolls

• Bring the new Resorts World Casino to the Town of Newburgh

• Help secure desperately-needed local COVID sites

• Author and passed landmark clean water legislation

• Fund a new pre-apprenticeship program for Newburgh-area youth

• Secure a new budget line item for Newburgh SNUG, a gun violence prevention program

• Bring millions of new dollars to police and fire first responders

• Recently fund a pilot program for free bus transit

• Fight back against runaway corporate welfare and advocated for smart development

• Secure money to remove gang graffiti from the streets

• Pass legislation providing hotel taxes to both the town and city to offset local property taxes

• Host countless community events for our neighbors

“We’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished here, but again, I’m not big on goodbyes,” Skoufis said. “So, farewell for now. Our new district office, which we expect to announce in the coming weeks, will always support our neighbors in Newburgh.”

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  1. A pilot bus program for Newburgh is nice. But once again New Windsor doesn’t even have access to paid busses. As a senior citizen, we don’t all qualify for transportation to and from our medical appointments. Taxis and Uber isn’t an affordable option if you are receiving an amount that is below the poverty level. Mr. Skoufis, those who live in Cornwall have a lot more income than the majority of us in New Windsor. Why don’t you see what you can do for us? Fix 9w prior to Vail’s Gate. I have to have a special cushion to protect my spine. Allow the health department to clean up the areas that are filthy. It is my understanding that land and buildings have been purchased for movie productions and etc. I live in the New Windsor Garden Apartments. The property behind me is an eyesore of filth and discarded appliances and vehicles. Calls serve no purpose. Isn’t there a standard that residents of New Windsor deserve? This wouldn’t be acceptable in other areas. Please work to bring New Windsor into less than substandard living conditions.

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