Friday, October 7, 2022

Vail’s Gate Fire Department Awarded Grant for Heavy Rescue

The Vail’s Gate Fire Department has been awarded a $50,000 grant toward the purchase of a heavy rescue truck, New York State Assemblyman Colin Schmitt announced yesterday. The purchase will assist the volunteers in their continued efforts in serving the community during emergency situations.

“The Vail’s Gate Fire Department is a top-notch organization whose members are always putting the community first,” Schmitt observed. “The department’s response area is significant and requires a new heavy rescue vehicle. I am happy to award a $50,0000 grant to cover the cost of this new heavy rescue vehicle which will help keep residents and visitors in New Windsor and our surrounding committees safe and protected. I will always continue to put our first responders and the safety of our communities first.”

The Vail’s Gate Fire Department covers a large swath from the Hudson River to the Cornwall border on Route 32 to the Maybrook border on Route 207. It encompasses a large portion of New Windsor, including portions of Beaver Dam and Rock Tavern.

The district is comprised of many residential neighborhoods, numerous apartment and condominium complexes, multiple commercial complexes, several schools, Stewart International Airport, the New York State Thruway, and a host of busy roadways.

Vail’s Gate Fire Chief James Merrit stated, “On behalf of the Vail’s Gate Fire Department members, we thank Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for understanding how this funding for our rescue vehicle will be critical in helping our community.”

Thomas Lucchesi, the Vail’s Gate Fire Department’s District Administrator, added, “I, along with the Vai’ls Gate Fire District, am appreciative of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt’s generosity and for choosing VGFD to receive this $50,000.00 grant, which will provide a key piece of equipment for our district Colin Schmitt continues to show that he is a strong supporter of all first responders.”

Vail’s Gate Fire Company Vice President Stephen Bedetti, a New Windsor councilman, stated, “It was a pleasure to work with Assemblyman Schmitt on this funding. Colin has always been a strong supporter of first responders and the Town of New Windsor. The $50,000.00 grant he has secured for the Vail’s Gate Fire Department continues to show his commitment to our town.”

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