Monday, March 27, 2023

Lieutenant Governor Visits City of Newburgh

New York State Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado, who is on the campaign trail for this November’s General Election, paid a visit to the City of Newburgh yesterday. He stopped by two important locations that give back to the Newburgh community.

Delgado attended a September 11 ceremony at SUNY Orange’s Newburgh Campus on Broadway. Following the ceremony, he took a tour of the satellite campus to check in on their targeted workforce training partnership across a variety of business sectors. New York’s second in command called it an “inspirational visit.”

College officials issued a statement about Delgado’s visit: “His remarks at our remembrance event were truly moving.”

Delgado also visited one of the Newburgh Ministry’s shelters. Delgado met with Colin Jarvis, the Executive Director of the Newburgh Ministry and a Mid-Hudson REDC member, to discuss how local organizations are helping revive New York’s largest historic district outside of New York City.

The Newburgh Ministry operates two shelters in the City of Newburgh and is currently in the process of creating a third. They provide safety and support to anyone in need, regardless of race, religion, gender, citizenship status, or income.

Delgado is running on the Democrat and Working Families Party tickets. He is facing Allison Esposito, who is running on the Republican, Conservative, and Independence Party lines. He is also facing Andrew Hollister from the Liberal Party and Robin Dalton from the Unite Party.

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