Friday, September 30, 2022

Town of Newburgh Provides Water to Residents as Wells Run Dry

As drought conditions continue across the region, wells have begun running dry in the Town of Newburgh. Eastern Orange County was upgraded to a severe drought on Thursday (story here).

Town of Newburgh officials are now providing drinking water to residents whose wells have run dry. A water tanker is now available to residents in the parking lot of the Town of Newburgh Emergency Medical Services on South Plank Road.

Orange County has not seen any significant rainfall since June 1 and June 2, 2022. During those two days, a total of 1.14″ of rain fell. The remainder of June only saw an additional 1.32″ of rain, which is abnormally low. The entire month of July only produced 1.685″ of rainfall, most of which came during just three rainy days. The first two weeks of this month have only produced 0.18″ of rain, most of which fell on August 1, 2022.

In total, 1.865″ of rain has fallen from July 1 through August 14, 2022, according to data collected at Vail’s Gate Tower, a weather tower operated by The Newburgh News, LLC. This is compared to 4.782″ that fell during the same period in 2021.

As of today, the region’s seven major reservoirs are down to 79.2% capacity, according to the New York City Environmental Protection. They should be at 87.8% capacity this time of year.

The prolonged dry spell comes amid two prolonged heat waves that impacted the area. The hottest temperature so far this year topped out at 96.3 degrees at 3:39 pm on August 12, according to records from Vail’s Gate Tower.

The intense heat has subsided for now. Overnight lows early this morning dropped down to 53.6 degrees, which is a brisk 43 degrees colder than the high temperature just two days ago.

The only rain in the forecast is a slight chance of showers from Monday through Wednesday. No significant rainfall is expected during this time. Afterward, there is again no rain in sight. Temperatures are forecast to climb to near 90 degrees by next weekend.

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