Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival Comes to City of Newburgh

Safe Harbors of the Hudson hosted a portion of the Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival in the City of Newburgh this afternoon. At the same time, the community organization also hosted the Newburgh Farmer’s Market.

The event was held at the Safe Harbors location at 97 Broadway in the City of Newburgh. The Flamenco Festival’s theme for the Newburgh event was “Flamencos for Everybody.” It featured artists Alfonso Cid, Joanne Bockemuehl, Ania “La Candela” and Andreas Arnold. Members of the public attended to watch the performance free of charge.

Every August, the Flamenco Festival comes to life throughout the Hudson Valley to create an artistic experience that generally does not exist anywhere outside of Spain. Throughout the series of events across the area, the festival offers flamenco flash mobs, cooking classes, workshops for all ages, flamenco shows in intimate settings, and high performance art in local theatres.

This year’s festival is sponsored by The Awesome Foundation of Newburgh and Stewart’s Shops.

Video of a performance at the Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival at Safe Harbors in the City of Newburgh. (Video courtesy of Safe Harbors)

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