Saturday, December 9, 2023

New Windsor to Expand Surveillance Cameras, License Plate Readers

The New Windsor Town Board approved a resolution during last night’s regular meeting to begin the process of installing additional surveillance equipment around town.

Throughout the last few years, New Windsor has been installing surveillance cameras, license plate readers, and other related equipment on telephone poles throughout the town. Last night, the Town Board gave Supervisor George Meyers the nod to begin applying for permits with the New York State Department of Transportation to add new locations.

If approved by the DOT, the newest batch of equipment would be installed at the intersection of Route 9W and Plum Point Lane, which is the entrance to the town and county parks along the Hudson River. It is located adjacent to the old Bowling Time.

The resolution also acknowledges that additional locations will be added in the future, including Route 300, Route 207, Route 747, Route 32, Route 94, River Road, International Boulevard, and Brueing Road.

Meyers explained that the Town Board began installing these cameras at the request of the New Windsor Police Department. “They’ve been very instrumental in helping us arrest some criminals from time to time and we’ve also helped some nearby municipalities,” Meyers said. He explained that when criminals pass by the cameras, their license plate numbers are detected.

“They have proven their worth many times,” Meyers concluded.

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