Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Storm King Art Center to Begin Site Improvements

The Storm King Art Center in Cornwall will embark on their first ever capital project and begin performing major upgrades to their location.

The project comprises of a new welcome sequence for visitors, along with consolidated parking and accessible amenities. A new maintenance, fabrication, and conservation building will also be built. Additionally, the center will complete a holistic approach to landscape stewardship and environmental sustainability.

Collectively, the project will increase opportunities for art and to work with artists. It will also preserve the Storm King Art Center’s 500-acre site for the next generation.

“Storm King is unlike anywhere else,” Storm King Art Center President John P. Stern explained. “Large-scale sculpture, trees, mountains—the combination is stunning. Our capital project enriches the absolute best things about Storm King while helping chart our path to a more sustainable future.”

The project is slated for completion in 2024.

The Storm King Art Center is an outdoor museum where visitors can experience large-scale sculpture and site-specific commissions under an open sky. Since 1960, its members have been dedicated to stewarding the hills, meadows, and forests of its site and surrounding landscape. They support artists and some of their most ambitious works.

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