Sunday, June 4, 2023

Two-Alarm Fire Burning in City of Newburgh

Firefighters from multiple departments are currently helping the City of Newburgh Fire Department battle a two-alarm fire in the west end. Police officers have also been called to expedite to the scene for a disorderly driver.

The City of Newburgh Fire Department first received the call for a house fire at 517 South Street at 6:57pm. Firefighters arrived and found heavy fire in the basement of the house. The incident commander then reported additional fire in the attic.

As city firefighters connected into a fire hydrant to supply their pumper, a disorderly driver reportedly began running over the water supply hose and continuously driving past the fire. Driving over hoses can damage them and leave firefighters without water while inside of the fire.

The Good-Will Fire Department from the Town of Newburgh, as well as the Air National Guard and West Point Fire Departments, each responded with pumpers. The Coldenham and Cronomer Valley Fire Departments responded to the scene with ladder trucks. Additional off-duty firefighters from the City of Newburgh Fire Department have been called in from home and are responding.

The Salisbury Mills and Castle Point Fire Departments are covering any additional calls in the city. The New Windsor, Vail’s Gate, and Cornwall Fire Departments were also called to cover the city but were unable to assemble crews.

The Highland Falls Fire Department is standing by to cover any additional calls in West Point while they operate in the City of Newburgh.

Within 20 minutes, firefighters were able to knock down a bulk of the fire.

The house is located between West Street and Monroe Street. It is 792 square feet and contains two bedrooms.

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