Wednesday, September 27, 2023

State Passes New Motel Tax for City of Newburgh

New York State lawmakers announced today that they have created a new tax to levy on visitors staying overnight in City of Newburgh hotels.

State Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson and State Senator James Skoufis both signed off on the bill, which was approved by Governor Kathy Hochul, to impose a hotel and motel tax up to 5% of the daily rate for guests. This will also apply to bed and breakfasts as well as tourist facilities. Those using these facilities as permanent residences will not need to pay extra.

“This is an excellent opportunity for the City of Newburgh to raise revenue which in nearly all cases will not be paid by a City resident,” said Jacobson. “It will also facilitate the regulation of bed and breakfast facilities which local residents have been calling for.”

“Newburgh has become a magnet for visitors, especially weekenders from the city. By
allowing Newburgh to levy a modest tax on overnight guests, the community can better cover the
expenses associated with this tourism that are currently being absorbed by overburdened local
taxpayers.” Skoufis added.

Mayor Torrance Harvey thanked Jacobson and Skoufis for their “rapid response to the request by the City of Newburgh which was made earlier this year and for passing this much needed legislation so quickly.”

Jacobson and Skoufis passed similar legislation for the Town of Newburgh in 2020.

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