Friday, October 7, 2022

Man Murdered in City of Newburgh Shooting Last Night

The City of Newburgh Police Department reported a homicide last night during the latest in a major rash of shootouts on city streets. Police initiated CPR in an attempt to save the victim’s life, but he succumbed to his injuries.

At approximately 11:59pm on Wednesday, the City of Newburgh Police Department received a ShotSpotter notification in the area of 207 Lake Drive for five gunshots that had been fired. ShotSpotter is a series of devices placed throughout the city that electronically detects gunfire and notifies police.

Police responded and located a 29 year-old City of Newburgh man who was shot twice. The first round struck his upper chest and another round entered his bicep.

After calling for an ambulance, police officers immediately performed CPR and attempted other lifesaving measures. The victim was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.

Police are looking for any witnesses who may have been in the area at the time. Anyone with any information is asked to call the City of Newburgh Police Department anonymously at (845) 569-7509.

This shooting came after a four night lull in a rash of gun violence repeatedly occurring on the City of Newburgh streets. Police and leaders at local levels have been doing everything in their power to reduce the violent crimes, but many law enforcement officials have been asking state lawmakers to revamp the criminal justice system.

Late on Friday night into Saturday, a City of Newburgh man survived being shot on Liberty Street in the Heights (story here). During that incident, nine gunshots sprayed throughout the streets near Washington’s Headquarters.

Last week, two separate shootouts erupted on the City of Newburgh streets late on a Wednesday night (story here). One person survived being shot and numerous vehicles were riddled with bullets when 37 rounds were fired from at least four different weapons during a first shooting on William Street and a second on Johnston Street.

On July 5, another large shootout followed by a smaller, second shooting were both reported at 1:00 a.m. (story here). The larger shootout was on North Miller Street, in which three or four guns sprayed 42 gunshots throughout the street. The second shooting was on Farrington Street with two gunshots being fired. That incident left a vehicle struck by a bullet.

During a stretch from June 25 through June 22, 2022, three other shootings were reported (story here). A 16 year-old boy was shot on North Miller Street. A 17 year-old boy was shot in his back on Lander Street when four gunshots were fired. A 23 year-old man and woman were also shot that night.

On June 11, three shootings and one stabbing left six people injured (story here). A 49 year-old man was shot when several rounds of gunfire erupted on Liberty Street. Two people were shot during another round of gunfire near the intersection of Mill Street and South William Street. Also that night, a 17 year-old girl was shot when another hail of gunfire broke out at the Newburgh waterfront.

See our upcoming editorial tomorrow addressing the rash of gun violence.

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