Monday, September 25, 2023

Schmitt Calls Skoufis Anti-Semitic, Unfit for Office

New York State Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, a current candidate for U.S. Congress, lashed out against New York State Senator James Skoufis today, calling him anti-Semitic and unfit for office.

As reported yesterday in The Newburgh News (story here), Skoufis called for mandatory polio vaccinations for all Rockland County following a confirmed case in the Orthodox community. This is the nation’s first polio case since 1979, according to the CDC.

Skoufis distributed a press release to the media yesterday and made a brief statement on social media. “Some Ramapo yeshivas in Rockland County have a history of non-compliance with the state’s vaccine laws,” he stated. “Proactive, additional enforcement is required in light of today’s news.”

Schmitt, a Republican, reacted to the Democrat senator’s comments today.

“The social media attack leveled by State Senator James Skoufis against the Orthodox Jewish community was uninformed, anti-Semitic, and demonstrates that he is unfit to hold public office,” Schmitt declared. “As elected leaders, we cannot turn a blind eye to what has occurred. We have an obligation to address Senator Skoufis’ remarks directly.”

Schmitt went on to claim that Skoufis’ remarks apply to those who have endorsed Skoufis and continue to support his re-election.

“We must send a powerful message that this type of hateful speech is not acceptable and I call on (Rockland County Executive) Pat Ryan to immediately renounce the endorsement he received from James Skoufis and rescind his own support for him,” Schmitt urged.

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