Monday, September 25, 2023

Newburgh Mall Hosting Free Summer Kids’ Camp

The Newburgh Mall is hosting a free summer camp for children every Wednesday beginning tomorrow.

The series of events will be held every Wednesday morning at 11:00am from July 13 through August 17, 2022 at the Newburgh Mall Center Court.

Conroy Warren will appear with singing, dancing, limbo and a party on July 13 and August 17. The events will feature balloons and face painting with Ms. Bubbles. Take home favors will be available.

Tommy Gardner will be on hand on July 20 and August 3. Singing, dancing, and a party will all be highlighted at the events. Ms. Bubbles will be on hand with balloons, face painting, and providing take home favors.

On July 27, the Great Charlini will perform a magic show and a party. Ms. Bubbles will be there with take home favors, balloons, and face-paintings. On August 10, The Great Charlini returns. Although Ms. Bubbles will not be at this event, The Great Charlini will be conducting balloon sculpting in her place. The Great Charlini will again hold a magic show and a party.

A parent or a guardian must accompany their children at all times during the event. A one-time annual registration is required and can be done at the event.

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