Saturday, December 9, 2023

Two Rushed to Hospital with Police Escort in Circleville Drowning

Two patients were rushed to the hospital under a police escort after a drowning in Circleville last night. The situation was so serious that police closed off major intersections ahead of the convoy to allow the ambulances to travel faster.

Mobile Life Support Services and the Circleville Fire Department were dispatched to the possible drowning on Fair Oaks Road on the outskirts of the Town of Wallkill at 7:59pm last night. Rescue workers responding to the scene were advised the patient was unconscious.

The fire department’s incident commander arrived on the scene and discovered there was a second victim and summonsed an additional ambulance to the scene. Medics attempted to have one of the patients airlifted, but the closest available medevac helicopter was in Albany.

Two ambulances rushed the patients to the Orange Regional Medical Center. The New York State Police provided an emergency escort. Additional trooper cars temporarily stopped all traffic at a major intersection on Route 211 to allow the emergency vehicles to travel faster.

There is no word yet on the fate of either of the victims.

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