Saturday, December 9, 2023

Severe Thunderstorms Possible Tomorrow

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Those heading out for Fourth of July weekend activities should keep an eye to the sky tomorrow. Forecasters are predicting severe thunderstorms will impact portions of the area.

Although tornadoes are not currently in the forecast, alleged weather experts say damaging winds and marginally severe hail will be the primary threat in any storms that develop.

The National Weather Service has placed the region under a Hazardous Weather Outlook for Saturday. The Storm Prediction Center, NOAA’s lead agency for monitoring severe weather outbreaks across the country, has placed the Hudson Valley under the highest probability in the nation for severe storms.

During the day, a cold front is forecast to move east-southeast across the area. A low pressure system over Ontario and Quebec will also move eastward. This will all encounter a belt of west-southwesterly winds.

Thunderstorms are expected to gradually increase in coverage and intensity during the afternoon ahead of the cold front. Daytime heating and a moist air mass will likely enhance the thunderstorm development. Wind shear will also be present aloft.

Accordingly, a mix of supercell and multicell thunderstorms appear possible, according to the Storm Prediction Center. The storm cells may congeal into small, bowing clusters, which can be conducive of damaging winds and marginally severe hail.

Stay tuned to The Newburgh News for updates on the potential storm activity.

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