Friday, September 29, 2023

New Windsor Firefighters Save House

Caution: Don’t try this at home.

The occupant of a house attempted to battle a fire with a garden hose as firefighters raced to the scene to evacuate the residents and fight the fire.

The New Windsor Fire Department was dispatched to an active house fire at 73 Lawrence Avenue in Ducktown this afternoon. Orange County 911 advised the fire department’s incident commander that smoke was billowing out the attic window and the occupants were refusing to exit the residence. An additional radio report later alerted firefighters that an occupant was stretching a garden hose inside the house to fight the fire.

The incident commander called for the City of Newburgh Fire Department to respond and assist. Firefighters from both departments quickly began attacking the fire, which had reportedly extended beyond the point of origin. Shortly after, crews were able to knock down the fire.

Firefighters suffered through 94 degree temperatures while battling the blaze.

The three-bedroom house is 1,451 square feet, according to property records.

The Cornwall Fire Department stood by in New Windsor to cover any other calls in their district.

One week ago today, New Windsor firefighters battled an unrelated two-alarm fire at a house on John Street. The Newburgh News reported on it here.

Editor’s Note: Although everything worked out in this instance, The Newburgh News strongly discourages untrained individuals from attempting to fight a fire with a garden hose.

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