Monday, September 25, 2023

Three More Shootings in Lower Newburgh

Four people were hospitalized in three shootings in the City of Newburgh on Saturday through Monday nights, marking the second weekend this month involving numerous people being shot. In at least one case, City of Newburgh police officers sprung into action and provided emergency first aid.

  • At 11:16pm on Monday, the City of Newburgh Police Department was notified of a ShotSpotter activation in the area of North Miller Street. This is an electronic device that detects gunfire and promptly alerts police.

    Upon arrival, police discovered a 16 year-old male with a gunshot wound to his leg. The young main was bleeding heavily and police called for an ambulance. Mobile Life, the paid ambulance service usually used by the City, was unable to respond. According to radio reports received by The Newburgh News, the New Windsor Volunteer Ambulance Corp was dispatched to the scene but did not respond right away. While the patient was waiting for an ambulance, police quickly applied a tourniquet to slow the bleeding. Police discussed rushing the patient to the hospital in a police car while waiting for New Windsor’s ambulance. Instead, the Town of Newburgh Volunteer Ambulance Corp responded and transported the patient to St. Luke’s Hospital.

  • At 11:55pm on Sunday, ShotSpotter notified police of four gunshots fired at the 200 block of Lander Street. The gunfire was also heard by the City of Newburgh Mobile Precinct stationed at South and Liberty Streets. Those officers responded on foot.

    Police arrived and located a 17 year-old male who was shot in his back. The victim was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital and later transported to Westchester County Medical Center.

  • At 3:00am on Saturday, two Beacon residents arrived at St. Luke’s Hospital with gunshot wounds. Both victims are 23 years-old. A female victim was shot in the foot and a male victim was shot in the calf. A location for this shooting has not yet been identified.

This was the second time this month that police had their hands full chasing down shootings. During the overnight hours of Friday into Saturday, 6/11/2022, police handled three shootings and one stabbing that left six people injured. The Newburgh News reported on that story here.

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