Monday, September 25, 2023

Primary Election Results

Thousands of Orange County voters flocked to the polls yesterday to vote in New York State’s Primary Election. Registered Democrats and Republicans voted to nominate candidates to run on their party’s tickets in the upcoming General Election this November.

Up for grabs were the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Orange County Sheriff nominations. All results released by the State and County Boards of Elections are unofficial. It can take 15 days for the votes to be certified.


Incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul won the Democratic nomination by a landslide, securing 574,359 votes across the state. The next closest contender was Jumaane D. Williams with 164,319 votes. Thomas Suozzi garnered 110,864 votes.

Orange County also carried Hochul, contributing 7,605 votes. Suozzi finished with 1,338 votes, followed by Williams with 1,133 votes.

Lieutenant Governor:
The Lieutenant Governor victories were consistent with their running-mates from the gubernatorial election. Incumbent Antonio Delgado, Hochul’s running-mate, captured a landslide, statewide victory with 493,248 votes. The next closest was Ana Maria Archila, Williams’ running-mate, with 201,687 votes. Diana Reyna came in last with 115,191 votes.

Orange County voters were consistent with statewide voters. Countywide, Delgado soared past the other candidates with 7,256 votes, followed by Archila with 1,437 votes and Reyna with 882 votes.


Lee Zeldin won the statewide primary for Republican governor, gathering 193,096. Andrew Giuliani followed with 100,417 votes. Rob Astorino received 80,216 votes. Harry Wilson obtained 64,437 votes.

A majority of Orange County voters supported Zeldin with 4,021 votes. Astorino received 3,729 votes, followed by Giuliani with 3,524 votes and Wilson with 1,344 votes.

Lieutenant Governor:
The Lieutenant Governor seat was not up for election in the Republican Primary. Alison Esposito, the Republican contender, did not face opposition from her party.

Orange County Sheriff:
Undersheriff Kenneth T. Jones faced off against Village of Montgomery Deputy Police Chief Paul Arteta for the party nomination for Orange County Sheriff. Arteta collected 7,794 votes to Jones’ 4,053 votes.

Hochul and Delgado will face Zeldin and Esposito in the upcoming General Election.

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