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NECSD Holds Elementary Moving Up Ceremonies

The Newburgh Enlarged City School District recently held moving up ceremonies at their elementary schools to honor pupils advancing to their next grades.

The Balmville Elementary School held a Candy Land themed moving up ceremony for its kindergarten Class of 2022. The youngsters performed several songs for their families in attendance. Students received kindergarten diplomas outdoors under sunny skies.

Balmville Elementary School kindergarten students received diplomas and celebrated moving up to the first grade.

Fostertown Elementary School kindergarten students celebrated moving up to the first grade. The ceremony took place in the school’s cafeteria and was filled to capacity with pupils and their families. The children sang a medley of songs they have been practicing throughout the year. 

Fostertown Elementary School kindergartners celebrate moving up to the first grade.

The Gardnertown Elementary School honored their fifth grade students who will be moving up to middle school with a drive-up ceremony. The students were greeted by cheering teachers as their family members drove them slowly through the school’s parking lot. Each student was given a certificate and a bag of goodies to take with them on their way.  The vehicles were decorated with words of affirmation and balloons wishing the students good luck.

The Gardnertown Elementary School held a drive-up moving up ceremony for their fifth graders who are advancing to middle school.

The New Windsor Elementary School held two moving up ceremonies last week. Pupils moving up from kindergarten as well as fifth graders leaving for middle school were honored.

During the kindergarten moving up ceremony, the children sang songs from the cafeteria stage while their families looked on. After the ceremony, the children and their families gathered for photos with their families, friends, and teachers.

During the fifth grade ceremony, students gathered in the cafeteria to move up in front of their family members and teachers. The children listened as their teachers reflected on the growth they have seen in all the students. Teachers also priased their students for their resilience during an unprecedented last two years.

New Windsor School kindergarten students perform during their moving up ceremony.
Fifth grade students from the New Windsor School participated in a moving up ceremony.

The Vail’s Gate Elementary School held a moving up ceremony for their kindergarten classes. The future first graders received diplomas as well as certificates for their individual achievements. The youngsters sang to their family members in attendance and refreshments were served. The teachers praised their young students for all of the strides they have made both academically and individually this year.

Vail’s Gate Elementary School kindergartners celebrated moving up to the first grade.

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