Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Everything You Need to Know for Tonight’s NFA Graduation

If the rain holds off, the Newburgh Free Academy Class of 2022 graduation ceremony will be held on Academy Field beginning at 5:30 pm tonight. Multiple procedures and rules have been put into place.

In the event of rain, the graduation will be postponed until tomorrow night, Friday, at the same time and location. The decision is expected to be made by 2:00 pm today. If the graduation is postponed and it rains again tomorrow, the graduation would then be moved inside to the school auditorium.

The current weather forecast calls for a 50% chance of rain showers this afternoon, gradually diminishing throughout the afternoon to a 20% chance by the evening. There is no chance of rain tomorrow. See the current weather conditions, live radar, and an accurate forecast at The Newburgh News’ very own weather tower – Vails Gate Tower.

The City of Newburgh Police Department announced that South Street will be closed between Fullerton Avenue and West Street from 4:00pm to 9:00pm. Public parking will be in the NFA student parking lot. Overflow parking will be at the Gidney Avenue School and First Baptist Church parking lots. Street parking will also be available.

All ticket holders must enter through the Roe Street entrance of Academy Field. They must also pass through a security check containing metal detectors before being allowed to enter.

For those who are handicapped, a designated parking area will be established in the NFA staff parking lot. Handicapped tags must be displayed. Handicapped seating will be located on the visitor side of Academy Field. There are specific tickets for handicapped seating which must have been obtained in advance.

Those who are elderly may be dropped off at the Roe Street entrance and their drivers can then park in recommended parking lots. Golf cart transportation will also be available.   

Attendees may carry approved items, such as binoculars, cameras and smartphones, without a bag. However, prohibited items include binocular cases, camera bags, computer bags, coolers, backpacks, fanny packs, clutch bags, or luggage bags of any sort.

Graduates will be allowed to decorate their caps for the ceremony this year, but stringent rules have been put in place. Caps may contain messages of thanks to teachers or family members, recognition of the college the graduate will be attending, the military branch a graduate will be joining, the year 2022, or a celebration of the graduate’s heritage. Only the flat, top area of the mortar board may be decorated and nothing can hang down from the sides. Decorations must be flat. School officials will review the graduation caps before the ceremony. Any caps not in compliance will be confiscated and the graduate must buy a new cap at their own expense.

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