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Fostertown Students Perform Disney Musical

Fourth and fifth grade students from Fostertown Elementary School in the Newburgh Enlarged City School District recently put their talents on display during a production of Disney Frozen, Jr. Teachers waited three years to present the live version of this musical.

The students starred in the show and also acted as the stage crew. The set design and costumes combined with the children’s performances made it easy to forget the show was in an elementary school auditorium. 

Fostertown teacher Amy Kosturik directed and choreographed the production. She also worked on costumes and designing the set.

In a written statement, Kosturik explained, “This musical gives our students the opportunity to actively practice components of the New York State Elementary Learning Standards for the Arts in Theatre.” She discussed how they held rehearsals with a focus on presenting information to the audience in a meaningful way, utilizing proper facial expressions, body language, and eye contact, as well as various speech techniques.

We have waited for three years to present the live version of Frozen, Jr. to you and are thrilled that your children are able to be a part of it. We hope you enjoyed the show!

Kosturik was assisted in choreography by Dianna Ortiz and in costuming by Joan Oldale-LaPoint, who was also the musical director.

The playbill was created by Jenn D’Agostino. Michelle Delgado and Terri Colon worked together to manage the stage.

Students also had opportunities to experience putting on such a production. Mary McElheny was the Student Director; Daniel Martin-Martinez was the Student Musical Director; and Kimberly Ramirez was the Student Stage Manager. In addition, Judith Alvarado and Lucca VanVoorhis operated the lights while Yareli Tapia and Jason Polanco-Sanchez operated the sounds. Gabriel Rosario served as the propmaster.

Many other students participated as members of the stage crew.

The cast included several students filling lead roles, fourth and fifth grade dance ensembles, and fourth and fifth grade choruses.

“The goal is to have our students practiced and prepared to insure a feeling of confidence when speaking to an audience,” Kosturik added. “While doing so, they gain the understanding that the quality of their part in the musical is an important contribution to the success of the finished production.”

Fostertown teacher Amy Kosturik, who directed the production, engages with a group of enthusiastic show-goers.

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