Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Election Protection Hotline Available to NY’ers During Early Voting Period, Primary

An election protection hotline will be available for the upcoming June 28, 2022 primary election, as well as during New York State’s early voting period, New York State Attorney General Letitia James announced today.

The early voting period in New York runs from Saturday, June 18 until Sunday, June 26.

The hotline will be available to troubleshoot and resolve a range of issues encountered by voters, including voting by absentee ballot due to the COVID crisis or in-person at their polling place.

Voters who experience problems can report issues to the Attorney General’s Office by calling the new hotline number at (866) 390-2992, submitting complaints online, or emailing election.hotline@ag.ny.gov. The AG also created a guide to address frequently asked questions to assist voters. 

“As states throughout the country try to strip communities of their fundamental right to vote, we are continuing to make sure that the polls remain accessible for voters across New York,” said James. “For years, New Yorkers have relied on our election protection hotline to address any challenges they face across the state and to provide guidance for those casting a ballot. My office remains committed to ensuring that New Yorkers are able to participate fully and meaningfully in the electoral process.”

The hotline and digital forms are accessible in multiple languages. The telephone hotline will be open at any time between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM on Saturday, June 18 through Sunday, June 26, and between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM on Tuesday, June 28 (Primary Election Day). Written requests for election-related assistance may be submitted at any time through the online complaint form. Hotline calls and written requests for election-related assistance are processed by OAG attorneys and staff.

The OAG has operated its Election Protection Hotline since November 2012. During previous elections, OAG fielded hundreds — and sometimes thousands — of complaints from voters across the state and worked with local election officials and others to address issues. The OAG has also taken legal action to protect against voter registration purges and to ensure that voters have adequate and equitable access to vote early as required under the law. 

James reminds all registered voters that they have the right to accessible elections. In addition, all registered voters have the right to vote free from coercion or intimidation, whether by election officials or any other person.  

The OAG will receive and respond to election complaints relating to any of the statutes that OAG enforces.

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