Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Town of Newburgh Police Sergeant Saves Life of Bridge Jumper

A quick-thinking Town of Newburgh Police Sergeant saved the life of a man who jumped off the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge into the Hudson River this morning.

At 8:45am this morning, multiple agencies were dispatched to the bridge after a third party caller reported that a man was contemplating jumping. Police rushed to the scene and began canvassing all areas of the bridge.

Police spotted the patient in the water near the middle of the bridge span, moving and waving his arms. He was attempting to swim toward the Newburgh shoreline. Rescue boats were assembling to respond to the scene to assist the patient, but time was running out. The man’s progress toward the shoreline was beginning to decline.

Town of Newburgh Police Sergeant Matthew Nadolny realized the man was slowing his pace because of an injury or exhaustion. Nadolny was able to utilize a jet ski from a civilian at the Newburgh Yacht Club. The sergeant worked his way out to the victim, got him aboard the jet ski, and safely brought him ashore where EMTs were waiting.

Town of Newburgh Police Lieutenant Peter Talarico said it does not appear the patient suffered any serious injuries, which he credited to “quick, coordinated efforts” by all agencies involved. The patient was transported to a hospital by the Town of Newburgh Volunteer Ambulance Corp.

The City of Newburgh Police, New York State Police, New York State Bridge Authority, and fire boats from the City of Newburgh and Middlehope Fire Departments also responded.

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