Friday, September 29, 2023

Night of Chaos: Three Shootings, One Stabbing Overnight in Newburgh

Six people were injured in three separate shootings and one stabbing in the City of Newburgh early this morning. The night of chaos included one shooting and one stabbing at the popular Newburgh waterfront.

Police were notified of most of the incidents by ShotSpotter, one of many electronic devices strategically placed throughout the city to monitor for gunshots.

The first incident occurred at 12:05am this morning when the City of Newburgh Police Department was notified of multiple gunshots fired in the area of Liberty Street and Lafayette Street. Officers located a 49 year-old Newburgh man who had been shot in his ankle in the area of Terrance Tavern. The patient was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital for treatment. Police report he is in stable condition.

While officers were operating at the first crime scene, ShotSpotter summonsed them to an additional shooting. At 12:17am, multiple shots were fired near the El Tropical bar in the area of Mill Street and South William Street. Police discovered two gunshot victims – a 24 year-old Newburgh man who had been shot once in the lower back and buttocks area, and a 23 year-old Newburgh man who had been shot once in the right leg. Additionally, a 27 year-old Newburgh man sustained a laceration to his right hand. The 23 year-old was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital and then transferred to Westchester Medical Center for advanced medical care. The 24 year-old was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital and is said to be in stable condition.

At 12:15am, police received a call from St. Luke’s Hospital reporting a stabbing victim had been transported to them by private vehicle. Officers responded to investigate. Police learned that an 18 year-old woman and an 18 year-old man, both Newburgh residents, were attacked at the popular Newburgh waterfront in the area of the ferry parking lot. The male victim received two puncture wounds in his upper back and was treated at St. Luke’s Hospital.

After a brief lull, another ShotSpotter activation came in at 1:34am alerting police to eight gunshots fired at the Newburgh waterfront near the ferry parking lot. Officers located eight expended shell casings in the area. They learned that a 17 year-old Newburgh girl had been shot once in her right leg. She was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital by a private vehicle before police arrived. According to police, she is in stable condition.

The City of Newburgh Police are looking for any witnesses who may have been in the area at the time of any of the incidents. Witnesses can remain anonymous. Anyone with information is asked to call the City of Newburgh Police Department at (845) 569-7509.

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