Monday, September 25, 2023

Jacobson’s Bill to Ban Body Armor Passes

New York State Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson, who represents the Newburgh area, announced that a bill he introduced to ban the sale of body armor has been signed by New York State Governor Kathy Hochul. Jacobson called it a “very pro-law enforcement bill.”

The bill (A10497) bans the sale of body armor, also known as bullet proof vests, to individuals other than law enforcement and those whose jobs do not require their use.

“I thank Governor Hochul for taking swift action in signing this bill into law,” Jacobson said. “Mass shootings like the one in Buffalo are on the rise and too many shooters are using body armor to protect themselves from law enforcement, security guards, and other ‘good guys with guns.’”

“The gunman in Buffalo went into the store wearing a bulletproof vest so he would be safe while he slaughtered innocent victims,” continued Jacobson. “The store’s armed security guard shot at him, but the shooter was unharmed and returned fire, killing the courageous security guard.”

“This is a very pro-law enforcement bill. Unless your profession puts you at a special risk of gun violence, there is no reason you need a bullet proof vest. This bill will help keep them out of the hands of those who want to protect themselves from law enforcement or other security officers while harming others. 

“If we can’t stop these criminals from shooting, the least we can do is take away their protection,” Jacobson concluded.

The bill was signed as part of a comprehensive package of gun safety laws passed by the legislature last week.  The Newburgh News reported that story here.

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