Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Welcome to The Newburgh News

Welcome to The Newburgh News, LLC. Today marks our grand opening, although we have been building up a history of news stories for several weeks.

We are an online daily news service covering the Town of Newburgh, City of Newburgh, New Windsor, Cornwall, and Cornwall-on-Hudson. Additionally, we publish feature content every Friday, including editorials, letters to the editor, police blotters, sports schedules, a community calendar, and a religious calendar. We will also publish an updated sex offender registry listing at the beginning of every month.

We believe local news organizations are the backbone of our communities. Most major media outlets are slanted to one side or the other of the political spectrum. As a community-oriented news agency, we intend to refrain from taking sides on politics and will report all sides equally and fairly.

It is our mission to support and publish the positive happenings in the community, including civic organizations, politics, school events, and much more. Occasionally, we must report on controversial topics such as the recent ouster of Cornwall Volunteer Ambulance Corp (story here). Just as we did in that news article, we intend to neutrally report on both sides of controversial stories. Our opinion will remain reserved for editorials. Although we take pride in reporting on positive aspects of our community, there may be some instances where we need to report on negative events, such as fatal accidents or scandals. We will report on these issues with tact and fairness.

It is our goal to continue to grow as we garner the community support that we need. We encourage our readers to comment beneath or news stories, submit letters to the editor, and interact with us on social media. Please do so with class and respect toward others.

We welcome our readers to submit news tips or photographs of community happenings by sending us an email. However, we must fact-check and research all tips prior to publication in order to report accurate and unbiased information.

Thank you in advance for supporting us so that we can support and enhance our community. We look forward to building our presence in the greater Newburgh area.

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