Friday, September 30, 2022

Haz-Mat Incident with Multiple Sick Patients at Campbell Hall Nursing Home

The Orange County Haz-Mat team is rushing to the Campbell Hall Health Care Center just before midnight on Monday night for a hazardous material incident with multiple sick patients.

The Campbell Hall Fire Department was initially dispatched to an unknown odor in the two-story nursing home building at 23 Kiernan Road at approximately 10:35pm.

Over an hour later, fire officials determined a hazardous material incident was taking place and there were multiple patients who had suddenly fallen ill. Several ambulances have been called to the scene to assess patients.

Along with the countywide haz-mat team, Campbell Hall firefighters called for a pumper plus all available manpower from the Maybrook Fire Department to respond and assist. The Washingtonville and Montgomery Fire Departments are standing by for any other calls in Campbell Hall or Maybrook.

It is unknown where the nursing home residents will stay if they are unable to re-enter the building for the remainder of the overnight.

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