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Maloney Seeks Funding for Several Projects, Cruise Ship Pier in Newburgh

U.S. Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney announced that he is submitting 15 local projects to the House Appropriations Committee for funding in the upcoming federal budget. Among multiple projects being considered are a new pier in the City of Newburgh for cruise ships, as well as a study to connect Stewart International Airport to the Beacon Train Station.

Out of the 15 projects Maloney is seeking funding for, a majority are in the Town and City of Newburgh, New Windsor, and Cornwall. Combined, the projects would bring more than $34 million to the Hudson Valley for efforts to expand health care access, improve public safety, provide clean water, and boost economic development.

Maloney explained, “From repairing Newburgh’s pier to funding new health care facilities and educational programs across our communities, these projects will bring over $34 million home to improve life for folks in the Hudson Valley.”

New Pier in the City of Newburgh
Maloney is requesting $5 million in federal funding for an inter-municipal project between Orange County and the City of Newburgh for the construction of the Newburgh Landing Pier. The proposed pier at the Hudson River waterfront would allow the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry to dock and transfer passengers. A larger, fixed pier would accommodate larger cruise ships. Another portion of the pier would consist of shaded seating and space for outdoor events, bringing new economic activity to the city. The proposal is anticipated to bring improved economic vitality to the community and enhance travel opportunities between Newburgh and Beacon.

Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus noted, “The Newburgh Waterfront is a beautiful Orange County destination. We are appreciative that Congressman Maloney has advanced the request to make this significant investment into the waterfront.”

Study to connect Stewart Airport to Beacon Train Station
Maloney is requesting $500,000 in funding for is a study to connect Stewart Airport in New Windsor to the Metro-North Train Station in Beacon. The study will examine existing and alternative transportation options for cross-river access. This includes assessing the feasibility and cost of enhancing existing ferry and bus service, establishing a light rail line from Stewart Airport to the Beacon Train Station, and making improvements to the Newburgh and Beacon waterfronts.

Neuhaus added, “The Congressman’s funding for the Orange Dutchess Transportation and Mobility Study will help identify alternative transportation options to connect New York Stewart International Airport and the Metro-North Beacon Train Station.”

Colden Park (Town of Newburgh) Water Main Replacement
Maloney submitted a request for $3.5 million in federal funding for the third phase of a water main replacement in Colden Park in the Town of Newburgh. The project involves the replacement of nearly two miles of existing water mains made of asbestos cement pipe from the 1950s. This project will provide Colden Park residents with a new, modern, potable water system. This is expected to reduce water main breaks, shutdowns, and boil water advisories.

“Congressman Maloney’s federal support is instrumental to improving our communities’ infrastructure and improving residents’ quality of life,” Town of Newburgh Supervisor Gil Piaquadio declared. “The Town of Newburgh thanks Congressman Maloney for his help in upgrading the water lines in Colden Park and making the Town of Newburgh a better place to live. I cannot thank Congressman Maloney and his staff enough for making this impactful infrastructure improvement a reality.”

Hasbrouck Area (Cornwall) Drainage Project
Maloney is requesting $1.65 million in federal funding for the Hasboruck area drainage project in Cornwall. This project involves the installation of drainage infrastructure to prevent frequent flooding that occurs during large storm events, resulting in reoccurring damages to the existing Town-owned drainage infrastructure and neighboring homes.

“Investing in critical infrastructure has never been more important as the Hudson Valley and the Town of Cornwall in particular continues to be impacted by climate change and severe weather events like Hurricane Irene, Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Ida,” Cornwall Town Supervisor Joshua Wojehowski observed. “Congressman Maloney’s federal support for this project means that hundreds of families will be protected from flood damage, while saving the taxpayer and allowing the Town of Cornwall to direct its limited resources to additional priority projects as it seeks to move the community forward on a number of fronts.”

Storm King Art Center (Cornwall)
Maloney is requesting $1.6 million for the Storm King Art Center. The project will complete the renovation of welcome facilities and the entrance to the park, along with the facility used for the conservation of art projects. This project is expected to help sustain tourism and economic development in Orange County and the surrounding towns.

Storm King Art Center President John Stern said, “Storm King is honored that our capital project is among those championed for Community Project Funding. We thank Congressman Maloney for supporting this forward-looking project that will allow Storm King to offer a world-class experience and in turn support increased economic benefits to the region for years to come.”

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