Saturday, December 9, 2023

New Windsor Town Board Discusses Roadway Improvements, Receives PBA Complaint

The New Windsor Town Board met in a regular session last night and discussed numerous topics, some of which included further improvements to the town roadways.

The meeting opened with two public hearings. The first public hearing was regarding the creation of a no parking zone on the eastern portion of Walnut Street. The no parking zone will begin at the intersection of MacCarthur Avenue and continue for a distance of 75 feet, but only on the south side of the roadway. The second public hearing was to lower the speed limit on Moores Hill Road between Route 207 and Mount Airy Road. The proposal was to lower the speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph. Following the public hearings, the Town Board voted to approve both changes to local law.

Also on the agenda was emergency corrective action needed to repair a slope along Sloop Hill Road, which runs along the Moodna Creek near the border of Cornwall-on-Hudson. The Town Highway Superintendent and the Town’s engineering consultants reported that the slope has been experiencing recurring failure and recommended a soil nail reinforcing system. The Board approved using Geostablization International, LLC to conduct the repairs.

The Board voted to authorize Town Supervisor George Meyers to apply for a permit with the State Department of Transportation to install security cameras, license plate readers, and other equipment at the intersection of Route 9W and Plum Point Lane. In the resolution, the Board acknowledged that additional locations will be added in the future. This adds to the growing number of surveillance cameras already installed at various points around town.

The Board also voted to receive and file an improper practice charge by the New Windsor Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) against Meyers. The complaint was filed through the Public Employment Relations Board and alleges Meyers retaliated against the PBA membership because they did not endorse him during the last election. The PBA accuses Meyers of making police officers use a time clock to punch in, rescinding former Town Supervisor George Green’s permission for the detectives to take their police cars home, denying a detective’s request to join the Bicycle Patrol Unit, and several other allegations.

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