Wednesday, September 27, 2023

City of Newburgh Orders Taxis to Increase Fares

The Newburgh City Council is mandating privately-owned taxi companies to increase their fares on customers. Passengers will also be forced to pay an additional penalty if they make a taxi driver wait for over five minutes.

The minimum rate for a taxi fare within the City of Newburgh will be $8. The fare rates for passengers who are 65 years or older, with transportation beginning and ending in the City of Newburgh, will be $4.

If a passenger makes a taxi wait for them for over five minutes, an additional “waiting charge” of $2 must be surrendered every five minutes.

In addition, the City is creating an official “taxi stand” on the north side of Broadway. The area is to begin seven feet from the curb on Prospect Street and run east for 130 feet to the western curb at the entrance to St. Patrick’s Cemetery. Signs will be installed to indicate the designated parking area for taxis.

The City Council unanimously voted to adopt the changes, which go into effect on June 1, 2022.

The City is encouraging passengers to report any taxi drivers who do not hike their rates.

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