Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Fostertown Dual Language Kindergarten Class Hosts Mother’s Day Event

Dual language kindergarten students from Mrs. Mercado and Ms. Ortiz’s class hosted a Mother’s Day event in their classroom at Fostertown School in the Newburgh Enlarged City School District this week.

The students’ mothers were welcomed by two students who greeted them in both English and Spanish before they entered the classroom.

The students created three projects to present to their mothers. For the first project, the kindergartners painted small pots and planted flowers in them. For the second project, students created portraits of their mothers along with a small interview piece where they answered a few questions about their mothers. The young students created tulips made from their handprints, along with a small poem, for their third project.

There were special treats and iced tea for the mothers and students to enjoy.  The little ones practiced two songs leading up to the event that they performed and dedicated to their mothers. One song was performed in English and the other in Spanish. Additionally, Mrs. Mercado and Ms. Ortiz crafted an online book with all the students’ pictures in it.

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