Friday, September 29, 2023

Threats Made Against Newburgh School District

Local and federal law enforcement are investigating more than one threat of violence made against the Newburgh Enlarged City School District this week, with the most recent threat occurring last night.

Interim Superintendent Ed Fogit sent a series of letters to staff, students and families throughout the week outlining the threats that were received and steps that are being taken to address them.

On Tuesday, all schools opened on a two-hour delay schedule after an unspecified threat was made against the District. The delay came after the District collaborated with local, state and federal law enforcement. Law enforcement presence was deployed at each school.

Last night, a non-specific post was written on Snapchat in response to an altercation that recently occurred. The decision to open schools today came after additional collaboration with law enforcement.

Fogit said the threats are believed to be unrelated. “We understand these scenarios are disturbing and frightening for our entire school and extended community,” Fogit explained. “Please know that you are not alone in feeling upset.”

Fogit recognized that families may wish to see the threats or know what they entail. However, the District is not sharing that content in an effort to refrain from dignifying or sensationalizing the threats. He noted that the District is doing its best to provide transparency without jeopardizing the integrity of ongoing investigations.

Students and families who continue to alert District staff about concerns they have seen are allowing law enforcement to react quickly, Fogit added. The identity of students who share their concerns will remain confidential.

The District is working with multiple levels of law enforcement who are investigating the threats, including the City of Newburgh, Town of Newburgh and New Windsor Police Departments; Orange County Sheriff’s Office; New York State Police; and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The district is providing necessary information to assist to help identify and locate the individuals responsible for the threats.

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