Friday, September 29, 2023

New Businesses Discussed for New Windsor

The New Windsor Planning Board met on Wednesday night and discussed several proposals for development within the town.

The old Anthony’s Pier 9 building at 2975 Route 9W is being discussed. Dunn & Sgromo Engineers are proposing to convert the former wedding reception hall to a film and production facility. They submitted a site plan and special use permit for the proposed film and production stage facility. Anthony’s Pier 9, which opened in 1980, closed in 2021 due to financial struggles.

Just up the road, the old Hanaford Marine building at 3026 Route 9W is proposed to become a production wardrobe and prop staging company. Dunn & Sgromo Engineers submitted a site plan and special use permit for the project which proposes reusing the existing building to accommodate wardrobe, prop staging, and prop storage to support off-site film-making. Hanaford Marine closed their New Windsor shop at the end of the 2020 boating season after several decades in business.

Empire Properties submitted a site plan and a request for a special use permit for a project on Steele Road across from Washington Lake. The project proposes an 18,000 square foot commercial building with loading and ancillary facilities.

Another proposed project is to create a solar farm at 108 Windsor Highway. The location in question is across from Devitt’s Nursery where a large, white house sits in the back of a field surrounded by heavy brush. Arden Consulting Engineers submitted a site plan, a special use permit, and a request for a lot line change.

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