Friday, October 7, 2022

Fostertown Presents “All About the Seasons”

Fostertown School kindergartners presented “All About the Seasons,” a song swap performed for their families, in the school’s auditorium on Friday.

Principal Ivelisse Mojica and Creative Academic Specialist Amy Kosturik welcomed the audience with excitement for being able to host such an event.

The show featured every kindergarten class in Fostertown ETC Magnet School, part of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. The children sang and were donned in vibrant colors and costumes. They also performed choreographed moves with each song.

The families of the young scholars cheered their children on and were all smiles as they enjoyed one of the first in-person events at Fostertown in over two years. The energy in auditorium was positive with camera phones out while the students put on the show.

The performance was part of Fostertown Footlights.

Fostertown ETC Magnet School kindergarten students perform “All About the Seasons.”
The Fostertown ETC Magnet School kindergarten students who performed “All About the Seasons.”

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