Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Schmitt Receives Guardian of Seniors’ Rights Award

New York State Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt has been honored with the 60 Plus Association’s Guardian of Seniors’ Rights Award.

“I am honored to receive the Guardian of Seniors’ Rights award by the 60 Plus Association for my work advocating on behalf of our Hudson Valley seniors,” Schmitt stated. “I vow to continue upholding my solemn pledge to always be the leading Hudson Valley voice for our seniors; working to provide tax relief for our seniors and standing up against the failed policies and directives from Albany and Washington.”

Legendary entertainer Pat Boone, National Spokesman for the 60 Plus Association stated, “I’m still singing at concerts, but today I’m singing the praises of Colin Schmitt, a strong defender of our beloved Constitution. The Guardian award is given in appreciation to those who work tirelessly for seniors.”

Saul Anuzis, of the 60 Plus Association, added, “Colin Schmitt is not only a strong supporter of our military, but he serves as a Sergeant in the Army National Guard and is a staunch supporter of tax relief. 60 Plus is a leading advocate for burying the death tax. Benjamin Franklin famously said there were two certainties in life, taxes, and death. But now, because of the estate tax, there’s a third certainty—taxes after death. This terrible tax is a hindrance to job creation and liberals mislabel our efforts to repeal it as a gift to the rich.”

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