Tuesday, November 28, 2023

City of Newburgh PD Implements Foot Patrols

Add this to the list of job hazards for being a City of Newburgh police officer.

The City of Newburgh has implemented police foot patrols along Broadway, they announced on Monday afternoon. The intention is to “further improve community relations and outreach.”

City residents can expect to see two to four police officers throughout the week, maintaining a presence the entire length of Broadway. This stretch is one of the longest and oldest continuously operated business districts in Orange County.

Since March 11, 2022, City of Newburgh police officers began to positively engage local business owners, residents, and visitors. The goal is to increase connectivity with the community and co-produce public safety with various stakeholders along Broadway. This is a project that administrators say will now become the norm.

Walking Broadway allows officers to immediately become aware of and address issues in real-time, connect persons in-need with the appropriate services, conduct enforcement activities, and address quality-of-life issues.

The City of Newburgh declared their commitment to collaborating with local business owners and residents to increase a variety of services along Broadway, including increased code enforcement, traffic improvements, and business development services.   

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